Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji

  • Ashok R. Kondke
  • Eshan Shanker
  • Abhishek Sethiya
  • Ibra Khan
  • Krutika Tulaskar
  • Gauri Shankar Singh
  • Agast Anand
  • Mohammad Saud
  • Elena Tuteja

Prem, a young diligent orphan, befriends bubbly, a humble girl in his neighbourhood. Bubbly's mother gets kidnapped by an infamous don involved in human trafficking named bobby khan and she seeks prem's help. Their quest to rescue her mother sparks romance between the two. Meanwhile, bobby khan's rogue wingman samar oversees khan's nexus. Samar has dreams of his own and is ruthless in his pursuit. Many others get thrown around and dragged in the racket as the film takes us on a journey that mirrors the life of mumbai city.