Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki

  • Raj Khosla
  • Vinod Khanna
  • Neeta Mehta
  • Vijay Anand
  • Nutan
  • Deb Mukherjee

Thakur rajnath singh chouhan falls in love with a courtesan tulsi and wants to marry her but his mother is opposed to the union and wants him to marry sanjukta instead. On tulsi's advice, thakur gets married to sanjukta and tulsi passes away after giving birth to a boy named ajay. Sanjukta raises ajay like her own son pratap and hands over the responsibility of her entire estate to ajay, thereby annoying pratap. Pratap spews venom in sanjukta's mind against ajay, putting her in a dilemma. Whom will sanjukta believe her own son pratap or tulsi's son, ajay?